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Turtle Beach Foodservice is proud to have partnered with Niman Ranch along with U.S. farmers and ranchers to raise livestock  traditionally, humanely, and sustainable to deliver the finest tasting meat in the world. We are proud to say that we are one of the main Niman Ranch authorized distributor in the Tampa Bay area.

Niman Ranch products are raised on environmentally sustainable ranches.  Their animals are:






• Never given any antibiotics

• Never given any added hormones

• Fed only the finest all vegetarian feeds

• Traceable from ranch to plate

As many chefs will tell you when it comes to a memorable dining experience, “The Center of The Plate” is the most important part of the meal.

When it comes to steaks, pork, and lamb dishes, an increasingly demand of higher quality products that are farm raised, no antibiotics, and no hormones are of interest by consumers.


All meats are not equal... which is why we are so selective of not only our products, but the sources of those product. Our customers rely on our uncompromising standards, and our aging practices ensure the right balance of temperature, humidity and air circulation.

America's Original Red Meat.

Bison is a red meat lover's dream come true, featuring all the satisfying flavor without the downside.

You can enjoy succulent steaks without the cholesterol, juicy burgers without the fat. With High Plains Bison you don't have to compromise. Not on nutrition, not on health, not on ethics and especially not on taste.

Our products are all natural - no hormones, fillers, antibiotics or artificial ingredients. Just pure American bison. Raised by hand-selected ranchers that specialize in and understand the unique demands of raising bison and only bison on the High Plains where they were meant to roam. Our herds are humanely raised and processed with the utmost care. All of our meat is 100% USDA certified and many of our cuts can even go so far as to claim to be American Heart Association certified. It's that good for you.



We choose our cattle from the very best heritage stock – and our animals are always traceable back to their origin.

At every stage, we nurture our cattle in the tradition of heritage ranching. They eat the purest all-grass diet that includes no grains, only plants and roughage. And our diet never includes added hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, preservatives or artificial ingredients – EVER. Read more.

Our grass-fed cattle grow and mature at their own pace, nourished in the finest traditions held for centuries. We then hand cut and trim our beef in the manner of the most discerning butchers – for a beautiful culinary presentation and a flavor borne of simpler times – the way beef was meant to taste.

Properly raising grass-fed cattle parallels growing grapes for a fine wine. Their meat takes on distinct flavors based on the terrain, weather, soil and water where they graze. Flavor that is the purest expression of nature.


We proudly offer Frank’s Beef.

100% local, grass fed,

non-GMO all natural beef.


Born and raised on Beautiful Adena  Farms near Ocala, Florida, these cattle are raised on natural grass and are free of hormones & antibiotics. Family owned and operated, Frank's Beef provides us with the finest beef that Florida has to offer.


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