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We take pride in meeting standards higher than what is required in most organic programs. Our Naked birds are raised to the highest all-natural raising standards in the U.S.


Our Naked Chickens are never given antibiotics, even though organic programs allow antibiotics to be given to day old chickens. In addition, our feed and our Naked Chickens are tested in a USDA approved laboratory to ensure there are not pesticides, industrial contaminants, arsenic, and other residues present. This testing is not required by organic standards.


What’s more, we heat the feed to eliminate any possible bacteria. Our feed is tested by a USDA-approved laboratory for pesticide residues, metals and toxins. In addition, we raise our chickens in the cleanest, most natural environments to ensure we meet the highest health and well-being standards in the industry. All our poultry are hand graded to standards higher than USDA Grade A, so you have yet another assurance of our quality.



To guarantee freshness, we carefully regulate to the ideal temperature every step of the way, from farm to fork. And because we aim to please even the most discerning chefs, we then meticulously trim our chicken pieces so each is uniformly shaped and free of excess fat.

All of this leads to beautiful meals that taste they way chicken is meant

Plainville Farms® brand turkey is your natural* or organic choice for an Uncommonly Good meal.

Plainville Farms® turkey is never, ever administered antibiotics, fed a 100% vegetarian diet, and humanely-raised** on family farms in accordance with Plainville Farms® standards, with no added growth hormones

Free to be.

FreeBird chickens are free to roam in barns that are more spacious that those used by traditional poultry farmers. They’re free to eat and drink on their schedules, not ours. And their vegetarian diet is completely and totally free of animal byproducts and extenders. In fact, FreeBird chickens dine on a proprietary recipe of clean ingredients, with plenty of fresh well water.


FreeBird Chickens are also always antibiotic free. That means they have never ever been given antibiotics. And that’s an important distinction.

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