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Turtle Beach's frozen seafood program operates a comprehensive product traceability regimen from product origin, processing plant, lot and warehouse, to our plant. As a result, foodservice establishments can be certain that they are purchasing quality frozen seafood from a legal fishery whose practices comply with all government regulations.


Examples of seafood products we carry are; Shrimp, Snow Crab, Tilapia, Mahi, Salmon and Lobster, to name a few. We can store the product for you and then ship when needed.

Jack's Catch brand was founded in 1964 in Newport, RI. Today, they are one of the leading seafood companies in the US. supplying many of the restaurant chains & local culinary spots people love.


 We Catch The Best...

So Should You!

For five generations, the Wood family has owned and operated Wood’s Fisheries. It’s been 150 years since our company was founded, but our mission has never changed - to deliver the world’s tastiest shrimp.


Wild American Shrimp

A Wood's Family Specialty - The Wood's Wild Premium Brand provides not only the best product available, but also the traceability, food safety & sustainability today's market demands


USA Farm Raised Shrimp

Sustainable, Green, Certified - The Finest Farm-Raised Shrimp, for over five years. Our unique water supply and modern facility separates us from the rest of the world’s farmed product

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